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Ask about our pole dancing classes in Fort Collins and Boulder, CO

Learning to pole dance has never been safer, easier, or more enjoyable thanks to the Vertical Fusion method. We offer a wide range of levels and styles of pole dancing classes at our Boulder and Fort Collins, CO studios. Our levels range from beginner to advanced and each level is based on a structured curriculum (scroll down for details). Our styles include contemporary, sexy, athletic, and everything in between. Whether you're a first-time dancer or a pro on the pole, you can trust us to help you achieve your goals.

Want more details about our pole dancing fitness classes? Call Vertical Fusion now at 720-318-1749 (Boulder) or (970) 377-9945 (Fort Collins).

We'll help you find the perfect class

We'll help you find the perfect class

If you are brand new to pole dance, we require that you start with our Introduction to Pole class before starting Beginner level classes. If you have previous pole dance experience, we ask that you call us before registering for class so that we can help you choose the best level/style of class to attend.

We offer five levels of pole dancing classes:

  • Intro: you'll learn a variety of spins, poses and transitions while on the ground.
  • Beginner (Level 1): you'll learn basic spins, poses and transitions, as well as the basics of bracket climbing, floorwork and strength and conditioning. We'll also teach you how to string moves together for beginner combinations.
  • Novice (Level 2): you'll learn more advanced spins, side climbs, forearm stands and low aerial fundamental moves like jasmine and genie. We'll also teach you low-pole mounts like the brass monkey mount from a shoulder stand, as well as introduce you to spin pole. Our instructors will help you strengthen your arms and shoulders to prepare you for more challenging moves.
  • Intermediate (Level 3 or 4): you'll be introduced to aerial basics like inverts, shoulder mounts, skater mounts, leg hangs, butterfly, Superman and brass monkey.
  • Advanced (Level 5+): you'll learn how to complete aerial moves like inverts and shoulder mounts and then dismount from the pole with a handspring.

For additional information about our pole dancing classes, contact Vertical Fusion today.

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